Harness the Power of Factoring for Your Small Business

For those business owners providing services and goods on a B2B basis, factoring is by far the most powerful (and accessible) source of working capital finance available.  Once the darling of the garment and textile industry, it is now difficult to find any industry untouched by the services of America's factors.

As a form of commercial finance, factoring is characterized by its simplicity. Once a business owner has established a factoring arrangement, many problems associated with cash flow simply disappear.  This is because factors advance funds upon qualified invoices at the time of sale.  A business owner can, therefore, comfortably grant 30, 45, even 60 day payment terms to valued customers, yet receive payment for the sale or service immediately through an advance by the factor.

Factoring is utilized as a primary method of commercial finance by thousands of business entrepreneurs in hundreds of industries including:

Commonly Used Worldwide

Worldwide, factoring is one of the most commonly used methods of business finance and especially by those companies experiencing exponential growth.  It is considered a "critical" method of business finance by the world's central banks and although annual factoring volumes are measured in the trillions of dollars, factoring is still characterized by its simplicity.

How It Works

Factoring is a method of B2B finance often utilized by a smaller business providing goods and services to larger companies that demand extended terms of payment.  Factoring provides financing for that type of transaction, allowing business customers to enjoy 30, 45, 60 day payment terms but advancing immediate payment to the small business seller.  Each week a client delivers its invoices to its factor for processing.  Factors purchase the processed accounts receivable, advancing immediate cash as long as the services have been performed or goods delivered. 

Find Out More

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